About Goa


Goa is a tropical paradise that lies on the west coast of India bathed by the warm waters of the Arabian sea in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south.

Centuries of Portuguese rule has left a Mediterranean, east-meets-west charm to this, the smallest of Indian states. The hippies came in the 60s, drawn to the region's easy-going pace of life, its obvious spirituality and, of course, glorious beaches. Goa, today, is still a spiritually fulfilling destination - with its laid-back beach resorts, effortlessly friendly people and Catholic basilicas mingling with the shrines and temples of the east. Goa's spice stalls and flea markets make for an invigorating shopping expedition while, at night, its fish curries, beach barbeques and endless sunsets will captivate you. Inland, Goa's forests and waterways offer tranquil escapes into a landscape of wildlife sanctuaries, lush valleys and dense undergrowth - home to the elusive Indian tiger. But it's at the coast where Goa excels, Goa's beaches are among the best in India. From trance culture to serene spas, this Indian pleasure zone is all about recharging the spirit and refuelling the senses. Don't come for loud, all-night discos, though - the key to unlock the undoubted allure of Goa is to seek enlightenment through simple pleasures, chilled out beats, wonderful seafood and easy living.