Goa Weather



Goa is blessed with a tropical weather that is embracing for the visiting tourists. The Goa weather is characterized by moderate temperatures, without any major fluctuations and no extremes in temperature throughout the year. 

Usually the climatic conditions of Goa are temperate, except during the monsoon, which lasts from June to September. Thanks to the coastal Konkan region and the backdrop of Western Ghats, weather of Goa is pleasant and sunny.

The average temperature varies between 25C - 30C (67.96F - 81.56F Approx). The average rainfall is approximately 325cms, the average daily hours of sunshine is nine to ten hours in summer and three to five hours during the monsoon. 


The summer season in Goa lasts from March to May. During this period the weather in Goa becomes moderately hot with temperatures hovering in the mid-thirties. May is usually the warmest month in Goa. For a summer trip to Goa, one should bring cotton apparels and be prepared for a rise in humidity levels towards the fag end of the summer season.


The main feature of the Goan climate is the monsoon, which occurs between June and the end of September. During the monsoon season, rains and thundershowers pelt the Goan plains. During the two months preceding the onset of the monsoon the humidity increases dramatically, and the normally clear skies become hazy and then cloudy. During the monsoon, 250cm to 300cm of rain is normal. Goa during monsoon is a must visit if you love to mix rain and sea, and for a glimpse of the verdant greenery that engulfs the state. 




Once the monsoon has run its course the skies clear and the weather becomes pleasant. For four to five months from October through February, the winter months usher in a pleasant weather in Goa,  the climate is near perfect-cloudless blue skies, warm but not oppressively hot days, and calm seas, no wonder it is referred to as the peak season in Goa.